Hello! I'm Arnie the dog

A bit about me

Hi!, I'm Arnie and I am looking for luurrve....

GSOH, ELW, LEO, LFL and would love to meet some foxy ladies.....

I love going for long walks, chasing tennis balls, paddling in the sea and rivers and I love a cuddle and rough and tumble with my 3 human brothers.

if you would like a guide to my dating speak check out my FAQ page.

I'm a member of the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain.

You can see some great pictures of me if you have a look in my gallery. Click here to have a look.

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Lastest News

Scully, my latest gf, delivered 4 boys & 2 girls (4 brown & 2 cream/golden) at the end of October. Congrats Scully!


Binky deliverd 3 boys and 2 girls at the end of August. Congratulations to her!


Some of my pups recently met up for their 2nd Birthday Party. They had great fun sniffing each others bums and generally having a good catch up!

2nd Birthday Party

Check out the gallery for puppy pics and a new Vid of the puppies playing. There are so many pups now that I've started a Litters Page. Click here if you want a peek....

If you would like to own a pup then get in touch!

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P: 07890 135255

E: arnie@arniethedog.co.uk

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If you're looking to have some lovely pups, contact my Mum.